Group Research Topics

3D modeling of RNA and proteins F. Major >
Bayesian methods & Monte Carlo algorithms N. Lartillot >
Comparative genomics G. Burger >
N. Lartillot >
N. El-Mabrouk >
Development of algorithms N. El-Mabrouk >
N. Mousseau >
Development of tools for sequences analysis G. Burger >



Evolutionary genomics and gene expression B.F. Lang >
Experimental tools in functional genomics S. Michnick >
Genetic History of human populations D. Labuda >
Genomic determinants of childhood leukemia D. Sinnett >
Integrated biological databases G. Burger >
B.F. Lang >
Molecular Evolution H. Philippe >
N. Lartillot >
Population Genetics D. Labuda >
N. Lartillot >
Research in RNA structure N. El-Mabrouk >
Robustness of phylogenies H. Philippe >
  N. Lartillot >
Simulation and modeling of proteins folding N. Mousseau >